The Java of Bali

Since long before it was adopted by Sun Microsystems in its venture into the Internet, Java has been the name of the most populous island of the Indonesian archipelago. Its fertile soil produces a special kind of beans that has been cheering the mornings of millions of people all over the world, and, for over a century and a half, the name java has become a synonym of coffee. It is little wonder then that Bali, only a stone's throw away from Java, also produces these delectable beans.

Kopi Bali, or Balinese coffee, is a specialty drink in Bali. Served hot, kopi Bali permeates the air with strong aroma. It is dark and thick, and is usually served a la Turkish coffee. A cup of kopi Bali over breakfast in the morning will brighten your day. Or a late afternoon cup with a piece of pisang goreng or two at a little warung kopi (cafe) while watching the sunset at Kuta beach.

Coffee plantations are mainly found on the western side of the island. The Mengwi kingdom of the old Balinese kingdoms enjoyed great riches from the beginning of the nineteenth century because of its great coffee plantations. And today, up in the Buleleng district, you will see spectacular views of the rice fields, the coffee plantations, and the Buleleng coast in the background.


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