Unless you happen to have Wisnu’s Garuda to take you to Bali or anywhere any time you wish (or its modern equivalent to a private Lear jet), these transportation methods may have to suffice.


The primary gateway to Indonesia is the Sukarno-Hatta International Airport of Jakarta (also known as Cengkareng CKG), but there are increasingly more international airlines that offer direct flights to Bali. From Jakarta, Garuda Indonesia and Sempati Air have around a dozen departure times to Bali. Internationally, Garuda also has direct flights from Singapore, Hong Kong, and a number of Australian cities; as well as flights from Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and other European cities.
Qantas Airlines of Australia provides direct flights from a number of Australian cities as well as a number of European cities (e.g. London). Air New Zealand will also take you from Auckland to Bali. KLM of the Netherlands is one of the first international airlines to have an international flight to Bali, and it will take you from many cities in Europe, notably Amsterdam, to Bali. Lauda Air, Lufthansa Airlines and Air France can also assist you to escape from Europe.
From Asia, direct flights from Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong are readily available from Garuda Indonesia, Thai Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Malaysia Airlines.

Cruise lines and ferries

A number of international cruise lines has long included Bali in its scheduled stop. To get to Bali from Java, there is a ferry that runs regularly between Ketapang in East Java to Gilimanuk in the western tip of Bali. From Lombok, there are a number of ferry services from Lembar in Lombok to Padangbai or Benoa in Bali.

Ground transportation

If you have the time, traveling by bus from Java to Bali will give you an unfiltered look of small Javanese villages and nature. The road network is good, and comfortable and safe buses like Lorena’s Mercedes-Benz fleet will make the road trip even more memorable.

To get around Bali, you can use public transportation such as bemo or buses, which are usually very cheap. You should be prepared to appreciate the romance of sharing your seat with a rooster. Or you can rent almost all mode of transportations, from bicycles, motorcycles, or cars and limousines. Alternatively, you can hire tourist guides who can provide transportation as part of their service.

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