This is a good alternative to explore more about Bali. First we visit a village Elementary school, to see teaching and learning activities. Proceed with a visit to Bali’s village family with it daily activities. A stop by at our home base for preparing self, prior to farming activities. Farming equipment such as farmer’s hat, pickaxe, also mosquito repellent lotion will be provided. Farming activities in Sawah about 10minutes walk from our home base. Guests may participate in paddy rice cultivating up to planting paddy rice. Guests are highly recommended to bring sunscreen and a pair of rubber sandals. After farming, proceed to trek Sawah to the area of tropical plantations. A climbing coconut tree attraction is shown by a local here, then young coconut is served as refreshment. By walking back to our home base for boiling cassava demonstration on traditional kitchen. At the end a traditional lunch is served. Then back to hotel.

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